Supremacy DLC Trailer

On the 26th of May, the Supremacy DLC Trailer came out. Here is the trailer;

There are 4 maps:

1. Kremlin

This map is set in Moscow, Russia. It looks like a big map with many good camping spots. The map scorestreak is the explosives that come out the ground.

2. Parliament

This map is set in London, United Kingdom. This map is very good for snipers as it is also a big map. The map scorestreak comes from the sky, a lot like missile strikes.

3. Compound

Compound is the Atlas training ground, though war has broken out there. This is set in an unknown location and as far as we can see there is no map scorestreak.

4. Skyrise

Skyrise looks like a hotel set in an unknown location, there is no map scorestreak and it looks like a close range map. It combines luxury with war.


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The new Exo-Zombies map is called Carrier, the infection has spread once again. This time zombies are armed with bombs. Also John Malkovich, the person who plays the cleaner, looks like he gets shot within the trailer.


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