Royalty Weapons

call-of-duty-advanced-warfare-new-royalty-weapons-1024x429Now 3 Elites of 9 different guns (excluding the M1 Irons which has 4) are now in the game.
These are the Royalty elite variants, these variants have similar statistics to other elite versions, however they are better because they contain another magazine within. Another reason why this set is popular is because they come in the shiny purple camouflage that none of the other elites have.

The 10 guns that have been chosen royaltydude1are currently the most used guns in the game.

Bal-27, HBRa3, AK12, KF5, ASM1, TAC-19, MORS, Pytaek, M1 Irons and the Ameli been chosen to feature in this set. The camoflauge idea is based off the armor you get at Prestige Grand Master (prestige 30).  (As seen on right).